What we do

Case Study

Capacity Management



An industrial unit intended to optimise its installed capacity to immediate respond to a demand increase, but acknowledged that had no time or conditions for a new general unit.

Thus, intended to identify areas of waste, unify processes and apply continuous improvement actions, leading to space release allowing the expansion of the existing production unit.

To the management team, the extraordinary risks of the operation were enormous because:

  • Past experiences had had time and budget revisions
  • Restriction of internal resources with appropriate skills
  • Intensive capital investment and technical component dependent
  • Need for a strong business model adaptation


Our approach

Because usually the problem isn’t knowing what to do, but rather how to do it!

We started the business improvement process from the production chain, global supply chain to the use of fixed assets, based on the production growth needs in the face of new demand.

We’ve identified potential direct and process optimization gains, managing to determine the new available free space.

Together with the operations team, we've redesigned the entire unit’s future lay-out, considering a new operations architecture, internal milkways, in order to satisfy not only the immediate needs, but leaving a margin for future adjustments.

We’ve carried out all the action plan with a multidisciplinary team, properly oriented and connected with the engineering component for the installation modification.

We have also ensured the creation, training and maintenance of a specialized team in continuous improvement for monitoring the future daily management.




  • Operational response capacity in two months, managing to fulfil the new commercial contracts.
  • Moving the production to a new unit in a structured way without affecting the normal activity.
  • Reduction of Working Capital needs and use of assets, raising the overall business performance.
  • Unit recognized as a benchmark, increasing the attractiveness for potential investors.