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Case Study

A Corporate hand-over



A company with more than 50 years of activity always operating within the same family, is facing a challenge of succession because the direct generation, claiming personal interest, doesn’t want to assume the business’s operational management, therefore compromising the business continuity.


Our approach

Who will assume responsibility for daily tasks, ungrateful and unavoidable, that make the family business an asset worth preserving?

Given the non-continuity of the shareholder’s direct elements, our Client faced two options:

  1. Preparing the company for the correct business valuation and disposal of the entire equity
  2. Preparing the company for the management transfer to a group of the shareholder’s confidence in-house managers, with the future possibility of equity exchanged.

We assessed the business potential and the level of maturity of the management team, assuming with our Client the implementing of a business improvement plan that allowed the new management team to be able to acquire parts of equity until a majority position in 3 years. At the same time, a new management model was designed and implemented, conveniently separating the shareholder sphere and management sphere, keeping the current family structure with total control of the business until the completion of the transaction.



From an early stage was realized that the business value was much higher for the family than it’s market’s value, thus we have endured the succession planning in the development of the business, allowing:

  • Keeping the business management with who well knew the Organization – its own technical team.
  • The correct property transfer in a staggered form and with a fair value – at the same time that rewards dedication, ensures the family structure interests.
  • The family stability guarantee – The 2nd generation maintained a relevant position in the capital, income-generating and with total control and an active voice in the most strategic targets.
  • A balanced transmission financing structure – Assembling a sustainable financial operation for the new management team, thanks to the new business performance level and maturity of business model that endowed credibility and confidence.