What we believe in

Private Equity & Financial

Buy Right. Manage Right. Sell Right

Who, nowadays, faces more risks by funding an operation or in an equity exchange process?

The transaction may be for many the winning point, but in fact it is just the beginning of a long "race".

The current contraction of credit and capital market, as well as increasing the risks and costs of financing, lead the Private Equity sector to seek new forms of differentiation and seek new investment challenges.

The use of a Hands-on Management services in a more sophisticated form, combined it with good management practices, will allow the effective achievement of the programs, generating the high operational performance which leads to improved financial performance, to the point of returning to his prize, thus becoming a new competitive advantage for less common and more complex projects.

With a hands-on and deeply operacional approach, we assumed a clear positioning in interim business management, complementing management teams competences, or specific troubleshooting that impact business performance.

We offer better information and greater rigour in operational management, all with full involvement in the development of business and its results.We submit our success to the success of the program, with risk/reward models as fundamentals of our action.

Rather than assuming an advisory role, we assume, to you and for you, the temporary reinforcement of the management areas to develop or conduct of operations, adjusting the level of involvement to the evolution of the operations risk profile, which inevitably changes over time.