What we do

Family Business Agency

All family businesses are unique, although most face the same challenges.

One thing is common - When it comes to giving continuity to an entire family project, having a strong and healthy business will always be a lever for family stability and to the balance within the family, management or even property.


Why now

The majority of family businesses, in result of their evolution, does not follow a formal management structure and market practices, which may be, nowadays, inhibitor to the growth and profitability of a business.

It is legitimate and highly evolved for a manager to think of the succession process and of way to ensure sustainability and family balance, often having to deal with the responsibility of choosing the best option when there are many options, none, or when you only intend to deliver everything well organized to the future generations.

This is a task that must not be done alone.


How we do it for you

ADDIN - Family Business Agency uses a single model of business succession based on the balance of the 3 main forces of a family business:

    1. Family and Interpersonal Relations
    2. Property and Capital
    3. Management and Business Sustainability


We believe that the unequivocal success of the business has to be at the base of the balance and that will be through a deep corporate and paticipatory development process, that the best options will emerge and the construction of the best scenarios for family structure and capital, so you can comfortably decide.




What you get

We know that a family business always has a strong influence to spending time, resources, and the personal lifes of the ones in charge to lead the business, because in everyday life there are more issues to deal with rather then managing the business, which often leads to having out of balance lifes.

In the ADDIN - Family Business Agency, we appropriate to you and for you, the most convenient Business Succession model, ensuring you get:

  • The management professionalization in a participative manner and aligned with the most current and recognised market practices - Business Valorization.
  • The dematerialization of the natural process complexity, creating a common purpose – "the world has changed and with it also the way to manage the business must change, reinventing the business aiming to improving its performance. - Business Valorization.
  • An independent interlocutor to support and implement your best solution

Principais Serviços

Continuity Active Managment

Given the complexity and impact on organizational structure associated with the business succession processe, this process shouldn’t be seen and treated as a simple replacement of the Owner or President...

Succession Planning

Succession planning is complex. It's not an event, but a process which takes time to prepare, by the amount of decisions to be made...

Family Governance

How will you decide? Is there an executive team, board of directors, advisory board or another structure for decision-making? Family businesses need to have a clear definition of how the business is directed and how the family interacts with the business. That is our mission.

Business Valuations

There are several reasons why a company may want to do an assessment and there are hundreds of companies doing that, but will they take into account the patrimonial history and what the business means to your family?