What we do

Change Management Agency

Financial Pressure? The business is stagnating? A everyday life that doesn’t allow change? Feeling that the Market does not forgive?

Change is becoming part of everyday management. The credit crisis, the widespread price increase and global competition are not small challenges, but once these serious problems are being resolved, others will arise in its place.

The real competitive advantage comes from the ability to negotiate and implement the process of change, rather than dealing with a specific problem within the organization.




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Why now

It isn’t possible to achieve different results by doing everything the same way?

Your business is changing. Over time, your company will go through various stages of the life cycle that lead you to having to constantly adjust the focus of management, the challenges or even the sources of financing you need to succeed.

Any organism in nature adapts or dies. The same goes for your business, as it confronts with a different cycle throughout his life.



How we do it for you

Existing resources in enterprises are scarce, and so will have to remain.

However, a different dynamic and quickness of implementation is needed. Often it’s easier for someone who is out of your daily management to make each operation "happen" because we believe that usually the problem is not knowing what to do, but rather how to do it.

We believe that effective change will only be possible from the inside out, in a hands-on, integrated and risk sharing way, because we know how hard it is for management teams to deal with new problems: the lack of time, lack of personal positioning or, because some of the new skills takes time to be available – this is our mission.


What you get

In fact there are no good or bad change processes, but rather those who produce results or those who won't.

It's this ability to manage change, in the short and medium term, producing results, which is one of the biggest challenges to management today. And this is where we can help you, gaining a new "task force" for the renewal of your business.

Our clients have access to a more flexible and comprehensive model of Interim Management in contexts of Restructuring (Turnaround), Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Reorganization or, carrying out in specific troubleshooting that impact the performance of a business, where it's required speed and ability to make things happened.

ADDIN - Change Management Agency assumes to you and for you the driving of change processes that need to be energized, allowing you to focus on what you do best: Growing your business.

Learn more about how your company can radically increase the value of your business.

Core Services

Business Improvement

Companies face today an external environment where the changes pace is relentless and unprecedented. Success will be on the capability of adjust your business, focusing on results — Increase operational results, Improve Cashflows, optimize Working Capital Fund, all with less use of capital and Assets.


When the financial pressure leaves no room to run a business, it’s not enough to give our best, we must do what is required, while there is still time. A Turnaround process must be integrated because only an effective implementation can generate operational performance, which leads to financial improvement to return it’s prize. – Stability.

M&A Implementation

In a Merger & Acquisition, the transaction may be for many the "winning point", but in reality it is just the beginning of a long "race"...The challenges are well known. What is not clear is the required momentum for accomplishment, as critical success factor and value creation.

Organization Design & Mobilization

Results don't happen by chance. They are the result of how you design your organization. As companies grow, business processes, people and systems that have always worked together begin to become obstacles to efficiency... but there’s a solution for everything!